Sunday, February 12, 2023

"God Provides When We Need It the Most"


I am very sure that everyone, even the non churchgoers have once asked for God's divine intervention with their life's miseries, losses, and desperation, so if you are feeling so down lately, this article is for you to read.

        There are many inevitable situations wherein we feel like giving up, especially when we think that we are struggling alone while the people around us doesn't seem to have any problems at all-- I've been there too! But, do you know why, despite the problems I face every single day, I continue to wake up and put a smile on my face with the thought that "everything's going to be alright"? GOD. There are times that I blame Him for giving me problems, but later on, I realize that everything happens for a reason. I've also realized that most of the problems I have now are the consequences of my non calculated decisions in the past.

        Through these realizations, I always consider the following thoughts whenever I feel down, defeated, or whenever I think that God is delaying things:

  • The bigger the problems we overcome, the stronger we become.
        Robert Kennedy once said, "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."
        This quote reminds us that we should not envy people who doesn't seem to struggle at all. Why? Because they are living so freely that they might be shocked once they face a difficult situation. It might be more impossible for them to accept defeat and failure because they have never experienced it. On the other hand, since we're used to dealing with different problems, it is easier for us to find solutions to our problems. And if you are facing a seemingly impossible hurdle right now, believe me, one you overcome that, you will come back stronger and better than before.

  • God provides.
        Isn't it amazing how the wild plants, trees, and animals survive on their own? Or take into account the families of jobless people who continue to thrive daily without any source of income. Do you think they were able to survive without God's intervention? I guess not. I believe that these families were able to survive through the donations and help from other people. And that is some of the ways in which we could see how God works and how He provides for us.

        Now, if you are worried about how to feed your family or how to pay your bills, I urge you to have faith in Him. Yes, have faith in Him, and I assure you that He will provide your needs. But of course, we should not always rely on Him to give us everything, instead, we should also work hard to make these miracles happen.

  • God knows the perfect time.
        Earlier, I asked if you have ever desperately asked God for something, and did He give it to you right away or are you still waiting for it to happen?  Whatever the case is, I would like to assure you that God knows the perfect time when He should give us what we need. He could grant our wish right away, or He could give it at the perfect time, and sometimes He would not give us what we are asking for... But believe me, when He says no, He's probably preparing something better for us. So, let us learn to wait patiently, and trust the Almighty God who wish nothing but the best for all of us.

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